I'm 13 weeks postpartum, and I'm still a little squishy. I have the 'mommy tummy', and you know what? I'm totally okay with that. As we all know, our bodies go through an amazing transformation during those nine months, so I am 100% okay with my body as it is right now. 

Those few extra pounds, the mommy tummy, the little pooch - whatever you want to call it, embrace it. Our bodies housed and protected, nourished and loved that little baby for nine months, now we need to show our body some love back. 

It's totally unrealistic to get your pre-baby body back so quickly after you give birth, (some women do - is it breastfeeding? Genetics? They're a celebrity and have a personal trainer and chef?) The more realistic approach is that it took nine months to gain the weight, give yourself at least nine months to lose it as well. 

Although breastfeeding does burn calories, it can cause you to hang onto those "last few pounds" just due to hormones. Women who breastfeed have decreased estrogen and testosterone levels, which are both fat burning hormones, and an increase in prolactin, which is linked to fat storage. 

So whether you're breastfeeding or not breastfeeding, you have 5 pounds or 25 pounds to lose, embrace it. Your babies are only little once, spend more time holding them and less time stressing about your weight. Spend more time gazing into their eyes and less time beating yourself up over your 'mommy tummy'. Sure I'd like to get back to my pre baby weight, but right now that is way down on the list of priorities. My body is doing amazing work feeding and nourishing my little girl multiple times a day, so I'm going to choose to not let a little extra fat get me down.