School is back in session and with all the busy schedules, it’s easy for mealtime to take a backseat. If you’re constantly skipping breakfast, lunch is rushed, and dinner means drive thru at the local fast food chain, you are putting your family’s health in danger.

Here are a few steps to create a positive eating routine that will help nourish you and your family.

Never skip breakfast, and eat a balanced meal. Breakfast means just that-break the fast. By not eating overnight, you now need to kick start your day, boost your metabolism and nourish your body. The cells in your body need energy, your muscles need food, and breakfast sets your metabolic tone for the day. Skip the muffin and orange juice as that is all pure sugar and you will be sure to hit the 10am slump. Instead, grab some scrambled eggs and an avocado, a turkey wrap, or a protein shake. Skip the milk and use almond milk or coconut milk, have the kids add their favorite berries, and sneak in some kale or spinach to get your greens!

Meal prep over the weekend. I know this may not be your favorite weekend activity, but it will really save you during the week when your schedule is hectic and you just don’t feel like cooking.

Make a batch of quinoa. You can have this as a side for dinner, add it to your scrambled eggs for breakfast, or put it on a salad for lunch.

Make a dozen hard boiled eggs. Eat for breakfast, put on a salad at lunch, or have breakfast for dinner.

Have protein balls on hand. This is a super simple go to snack for the whole family. They are easy to make, but better yet, you can add in whatever items you and the kids love. Walnuts, craisins, pecans, cashews, coconut, chia seeds, flax seeds, sunflower seeds, dark chocolate chips, protein powder, the list goes on! This is a much healthier snack than a snickers bar or even a protein bar from the store!

Make dinner family time. Even if you can only spend 15 minutes eating dinner together, do it. Put down the phones, put away the ipads, and focus on creating an atmosphere that is relaxed and inviting. Talk about your day, ask your kids questions, and step into their world for a short period of time. Dinner time will become something to look forward to, and maybe the best part about your day.