Do you find yourself struggling to conceive? Maybe it's taking a lot longer than you had imagined and you're starting to get frustrated, worried, and wondering if it's ever going to happen. You are not alone. In fact, 12% of married women, or 6.1 million couples have trouble getting pregnant, and couples ages 29-33 with a normal functioning reproductive system has only a 20-25% chance of conceiving in any given month. 

There are many reasons that couples may have a hard time conceiving; it could be issues the woman is facing, problems associated with the man, or a combination of both. If you struggle with this, there may be some options to help you that does not involve fertility treatment. 

Having a healthier lifestyle and eating a clean diet full of organic foods is a great way to clean out the toxins in your system which may be preventing you from conceiving. 

By reducing processed foods, you are riding your body of preservatives, chemicals, artificial colors, artificial flavors and other harmful substances that cause havok on your body. Replacing that food with not just healthier options, but organic food will limit the toxins, pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides that enter your body making it hard to conceive. You want to buy organic produce; if you can buy local such as purchasing from farmer's markets, that option is great! Look for meat that is organic, grass fed, and hormone and antibiotic free. Your fish should be wild caught, not farmed. Make sure you incorporate healthy fats into your diet such as avocado, coconut oil, olive oil, nuts and seeds. 

I have personally had friends who went through this experience. Some close friends of mine tried for two years to conceive, and it wasn't until they switched up their diet and bought organic foods that they were successful. All these chemicals and toxins build up in the body and affect the organs, thus making it hard for some people to conceive. Within months of eating cleaner, they found themselves pregnant!

Even with PCOS (which is what she had), endometriosis. or other factors that may inhibit you from getting pregnant, there's still hope! I would love to help you on this journey!