One of the best exercises you can do while pregnant is to walk! It's the perfect weight bearing exercise for pregnant women because you don't need any special equipment, memberships or training. Many women think they have to go to a gym, or do more intense cardio sessions to get a good workout, but even walking has a lot of benefits for you and your baby. 

Walking is great if you don't

-have time for the gym or have a gym membership

-have a lot of energy to do more cardio or don't like high intensity cardio

-feel like lifting weights or don't like to lift

-have anyone to watch the kiddos - take them with!

Don't fret, because walking is very beneficial for you on it's own. Incorporating a long walk or a few short walks into your day can:

-increase energy - we could all use more of this when we're pregnant, I know I was drained the first trimester!

-decrease vericose veins - these can be very painful, but walking will help increase your circulation which stops the blood from pooling in your legs. 

-decrease cravings

-maintain a healthy weight gain - this is one of the top stressors I hear from women, they don't want to gain too much weight. 

-decrease stress - exercise is a natural stress reliever!

-help you sleep 

-keep your heart and lungs strong

-help maintain strong muscles in your legs

Walking for 30 minutes everyday should be a target goal, but if you don't have time to do it all at once, feel free to break it into 3 - 10 minute walks.

For a little extra workout, take your kid(s) along, push a stroller, walk up hill, or increase your speed.

Walking will be more beneficial for your pregnancy than not doing anything at all!