FREE Nutrition & Wellness During Pregnancy Workshop!

Tuesday, May 30th at 6-7 pm

Physicians for Women, 2955 Triverton Pike Dr, Fitchburg, Wisconsin 53711

I will be hosting a FREE workshop open to expecting moms as well as women who are thinking about starting a family soon. This workshop is a tremendous opportunity for women who want to get on the right track with their nutrition during pregnancy and even before pregnancy as that will set the tone for the next nine months. We will go over a lot of very important nutrition & wellness information you won't want to miss! You don't have to be a patient here to attend!


You will learn things such as: 
-Why taking care of your body is so important for your baby
-What vitamins and nutrients you need more of and how much
-Safe exercises for you and baby
-What is a healthy weight gain and how to combat cravings
-What foods you need to avoid
-How to implement a healthy diet that will help reduce pregnancy symptoms and complications such as nausea, muscle cramps, heartburn, anemia and gestational diabetes
-How to give your baby the best start to life!!
and more!

AND there will be give aways!!


Please reserve your spot here!

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